Diploma Options

At North Star Academy, students can pursue either their home district diploma or a North Star Academy diploma. Both are fully recognized high school diplomas by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Home district diploma:

  • Student must meet all graduation requirements as laid out by the home district school board
  • Are eligible to participate in the home district graduation ceremony
  • On average, 10% - 20% use this option

NSA charter school diploma:

  • As a charter school, the North Star Academy governance board is able to offer its own high school diploma
  • Students are only eligible to participate in the North Star Academy graduation ceremony (but it is awesome!).
  • Colleges (public/private and Tech/Liberal Arts) fully accept NSA’s diploma as a high school diploma
  • Certain branches of the military view charter school diplomas as “tier two” diplomas
    • Check with a recruiter for more information